Still: The Hermit (Director Roney G, India)

The First Film | International Festival has concluded its film submissions and is preparing to announce the results.

The First Film | International Festival has concluded its film submissions and is preparing to announce the results.

In an era of longevity, global change, and technological innovation, where filmmaking is accessible to all, the international First Film festival commenced in Tallinn in January 2024 with the support of the Tallinn Home Support Program Foundation. The festival opened its doors to all who aspire to express themselves through the world of cinema.

First Film is geared towards amateur filmmakers taking their first steps in creating their own films. The uniqueness of the festival lies in its emphasis on inclusivity, providing equal opportunities for participation to individuals of diverse backgrounds, ages, professions, and social origins from Estonia and around the world. This enables the support of new talents who may not have access to traditional platforms within the professional film industry.

Film submissions are closed: the festival received over 120 entries from 27 countries, including Estonia, underscoring its significance in the global cinematic landscape. Despite being novice filmmakers, the creators adeptly explore themes that concern contemporary society and themselves, ranging from loneliness and humanity’s place in the world to environmental issues and the future, utilizing animation, artistic storytelling, and innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence.

Over the course of two weeks, a professional jury comprising animator and artist Gleb Kufterin, actor and director Eduard Tee, and production designer Renelle Karnaskind, will view the films and select the best in each of the eleven categories.

The winning films will be screened on May 12th at 12:00 at the Artis cinema, where the festival results will be announced, followed by discussions with Estonian filmmakers.

Additionally, as part of the festival, on May 11th, at the Creative Space studio, open masterclasses will be held for all interested parties: «How to Make Your First Film,» «Artificial Intelligence for Audio-Visual Products,» and «Fundamentals of Creating an Animated Film.» These masterclasses are conducted with the support of the Tallinn Education Office and participation is free of charge.

Still: The Hermit (Director Roney G, India)